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Design the future 
writing the present 


Referencing, design, documentation, implementation of health care models for insurers (EPS, ARL) and institutions providing health services (IPS).

Integral Healthcare Routes

Referencing, design, documentation and implementation of RIAS.

Population Characterization

Demographic characterization, morbidity, mortality and intermediate determinants for the general population for the establishment of a population diagnosis and the establishment of policies for health risk management.

Monitoring Systems for the
Evaluation of Sanitary Systems

Reference, design and implementation of monitoring systems for the performance of health care models, RIAS and programs for the care of specific pathologies oriented to the measurement of (a) user experience, (b) health outcomes and (c) protection financial system.


Design of payment mechanisms for the purchase and sale of services oriented towards health outcomes, incentives for risk management and cost reduction.

Health Technologies

Evaluation of the use of health technologies and health technology assessment to promote the proper use of health resources with humanistic, technical-scientific and cost-effectiveness criteria.

Characterization of
Medical Conditions

Referencing the medical literature and consulting the information systems available in the country (SISPRO, etc.) to characterize the populations affected by a particular medical condition for the generation of policies and strategies for health risk management.


Sinergia Salud Consulting Group has outlined strategic challenges, in the short and medium terms, that promote the continuous improvement of its management model in the execution of consulting projects.

CHALLENGE 1. Expansion of Coverage Nationwide

Sinergia Salud Consulting Group intends to expand its radius of action in the execution of consulting projects at the country level; in order to become a national benchmark in the design and implementation of comprehensive models (MIAS) and comprehensive routes (RIAS) of health care.

CHALLENGE 2. Financial Sustainability

Sinergia Salud Consulting Group must guarantee its sustainability, increasing its income and generating financial results that allow it to reinvest in improving the quality of its value offer in products and services and the continuous qualification of its team of project managers and consultants.

CHALLENGE 3. Innovative Consulting Model

Sinergia Salud Consulting Group investigates, adapts, designs, develops and implements strategies and techniques aimed at strengthening and improving its consulting model; promoting the best quality and opportunity of the products and / or services offered in the different projects involved.

CHALLENGE 4. Strategic allies of the Companies

Sinergia Salud Consulting Group should increase its position as a strategic ally of the different actors of the health system in Colombia, being recognized as a specialized Consulting Firm that significantly contributes to the construction and improvement of the care model, administration-management model and health delivery model in the country.

CHALLENGE 5. Research for knowledge transfer

Sinergia Salud Consulting Group defines as a fundamental challenge to leverage and transfer the knowledge of successful health care models that become benchmarks and agents of change for the multiplication of best practices in the different actors of the health sector in Colombia and worldwide.