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At Sinergia Salud, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance health outcomes and provide valuable insights to our community. We are excited to share the work of one of our esteemed partners, Dr. Béatrice Séguin, Ph.D, who hosts the enlightening podcast and YouTube channel, “This Time of the Month.”

Dr. Béatrice Séguin is your go-to expert for navigating the midlife roller coaster. Through her platform, she engages with specialists to uncover legitimate solutions to various midlife challenges, ranging from health to lifestyle. Her approach aligns perfectly with Sinergia Salud’s mission to intervene and improve health outcomes across different life stages.

We are thrilled to introduce you to four insightful videos from “This Time of the Month,” where Dr. Béatrice discusses key health topics:

01. Hot flashes and hot topics: Menopause myths

Dr. Béatrice Séguin debunks common myths about menopause, particularly focusing on hot flashes. She discusses the science behind hot flashes, their causes, and effective ways to manage them. The video aims to provide a factual understanding of menopause symptoms and dispel any misinformation.

02. Menopause Management: A Prevention Perspective

This video emphasizes a preventive approach to managing menopause. Dr. Béatrice Séguin covers various strategies to prevent common menopausal symptoms and complications, including lifestyle changes, diet, and medical interventions. The focus is on proactive measures to enhance the quality of life during menopause.

03. Personal menopause journey of a healthcare consultant

In this personal account, a healthcare consultant shares her menopause journey. The video includes personal experiences, challenges faced, and the solutions she found effective. It provides a relatable narrative for viewers undergoing similar experiences and offers practical advice from a professional perspective.

04. Hot flashes, weight gain, dryness – oh my!

Dr. Béatrice Séguin discusses three common symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, weight gain, and vaginal dryness. She explains the physiological reasons behind these symptoms and offers practical advice on how to manage them. The video aims to provide comprehensive strategies to cope with these common menopausal issues.

We invite you to watch these videos and gain valuable insights that can help you navigate midlife challenges with confidence and knowledge. At Sinergia Salud, we are committed to providing you with resources and collaborations that enhance your health journey.

Welcome to “This Time of the Month,” hosted by Dr. Béatrice Séguin, Ph.D – your go-to podcast and YouTube channel for conquering the midlife roller coaster. Join Dr. Béatrice as she chats with experts to uncover legitimate solutions for various midlife challenges, from health to lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more collaborative content and health tips from Sinergia Salud!

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